The Department of Dermatology at the VCU Medical Center provides comprehensive medical and surgical services for skin disorders. The Department has a patient volume of approximately 20,000 visits annually. We are part of an outstanding health care system that offers educational, research and clinical support that allows us to provide the most comprehensive and up to date means of diagnosing and treating skin diseases. The Department has two patient facilities. One on the main medical campus in downtown Richmond, as well as an off site patient office that is convenient to the Southside and West-end areas of Richmond.

In addition to providing comprehensive care to patients, the Department trains medical students, dermatology residents and other physicians. The residents that complete their training at the medical center receive superb training in managing a diverse group of patients and a wide variety of skin disorders from the common to the rare complex problems. The residents also receive excellent training in cutaneous surgery as well as exposure to aesthetic and laser surgery.

The departmental mission is to provide the highest quality of care to patients with skin disorders. The most recent advances in diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders are used in an atmosphere of caring and compassion.

Patient Services

The goal of the Department of Dermatology is to deliver the highest quality of care to patients with skin diseases and other dermatologic needs. The Department uses the most resent developments in the diagnosis and management of skin diseases and maintains a mission to provide care through diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up.


The faculty in the Department of Dermatology is comprised of a diverse group that offers special expertise in all aspects of skin disease. Our physicians are committed to excellence in patient care, education and service.


The Dermatology Residency Program offers a three year training program for graduates of accredited medical schools and a one year fellowship in procedural dermatology. The programs are developed and executed with the highest of medical standards that provide an awarding, yet challenging experience. Our programs are based on the dedication of excellence in academia and direct patient care.


In addition to providing access to a broad range of dermatological services the Department is dedicated to communicating information regarding skin disease risk factors and outcomes through lectures, conferences and publications to the lay public. Pamphlets on any skin disease or procedure are available to our patients at both locations.

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